Austin, Texas

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Anyah Dishon - Director of Awesmic City Austin Texas, LLC
Originator of the concept of the Peace Building Marketing
Awesmic City Expo cultivating Creativity by way of Arts, Science and Education

Director of the Annual Awesmic City Expo organic marketing and business developer - music producer, soundtrack music producer, international performance artist, video producer, camera operator and video editor for educational training videos Including "Survival of the World of Work" 7 video collection for job training for new employees.  Anyah is a graphics artist and oil painting realist artist.  She enjoys being a volunteer radio programmer at KOOP 91.7 and KOOP Community Council Member.  She started the AwesMIC Radio Theatre (Old Time Radio Drama productions) and has aired the show on stage and on live radio at KOOP.  She stepped in the role of a drama scriptwriter, sound engineer, foley artist and radio drama actor.  In the video/film industry, she serves as member of the Austin Film Society - past public access educational video producer for channelAustin public accessTV for 15 years hosting "Awesmic City Austin TX TV" show for poetry/music venues in ATX, "A Time to Learn" for showcasing workshops on green building - eco-vllage development - sustainable solutions and "Night Waves" which showcased local musicians in ATX and served on the Producer's Council for channelAustin.  She created a local poetry and music venue Awesmic City Cafe featuring poets and musicians.
Education:   Anyah received her Associates in Electronics thru Angelo State University and Southwest School of Electronics, was a Graduate of Phoenix Holistic Health - Massage Therapy, was a former student of Art Institute of Houston for Music and Video Business.
Holistic Arts:   Anyah is a holistic columnist, Texas LMT Licensed Massage Therapist for over 25 years specialty in spa treatments, Young Living Essential Oils Distributor for over 25 years, EFT facilitator over 15 years, certified Hatha Yoga Instructor from YOGA YOGA, current student of Permaculture, conducts seminars on self-help programs and spiritual workshops with sacred wisdom teachings along with utilizing her music creations for spiritual and soul advancement where recently she has incorporate plant music technology into the meditation music productions.  She enjoys life!

Alan Ames - Ames Universal

Event Consultant - Production and media management

Alan Ames, Chief Executive Officer at Ames Universal, is an award winning producer/director with over 20 experience in the Hollywood entertainment industry. He is a graduate of the United States International University School of Performing Arts.  He has received numerous International Film Festival awards in addition to receiving both Gold and Platinum record albums for his involvement in the concept and design of the Moody Blues “Long Distance Voyager” album and world tour. Alan was contracted by the infamous 70’s funk-rock-R&B musical group WAR as Supervising Video Producer & Lighting Director of their 2008 DVD release recorded at the Grove Theater in Los Angeles. 


Business Awards: 

Alan has received over a dozen accolade awards as a businessman including: The 20th Century award of achievement, Man of the Year, and numerous Lifetime Achievement awards.

Business management:

Alan is advisor/consultant in the area of event management, including multi-media production and distribution, as well as technology transfer and project design and implementation.


Alan and his company specializes in live event production, internet broadcasting, animation, post-production and distribution. With over thirty years of professional entertainment industry experience, Ames Universal has established strategic alliances with many Hollywood, California based entertainment companies and distributors including Rhino Home Video, Warners, Sony, BMG, PRO, Academy Entertainment, VH1, MTV, PBS, HBO, HD Net and others. AU has also partnered with various video production companies including Texas Roadhouse Live and Starship Mentor, Ltd. as well as the production-based nonprofit firm Active Music in San Francisco. They produced the “Live from Voyager” broadcast segment for the “America’s Salute to the Astronauts” 10th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon. Most recently, they have been involved in a series of “Homeland Salutes to the Troops” involving Green Day, Pearl Jam, DEVO, Brooks and Dunn, and Kenny Chesney to name just a few.

  One of the top four awards in the documentary film / Music Concert category of the WorldFest International Film Festival was given for “Not In Our Name: Dead Man Walking – The Concert”.  The film was produced by Alan Ames and Associates on behalf of executive producers Tim Robbins and Susann McMahon and ActiveMusic, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to produce benefit concerts and events designed to raise money for charitable causes and organizations. 
  Alan was given the Awesmic City Austin Texas Outstanding (Awestanding) Creative Peace Building Award for 2016 for his universal service and peace building contribution for Awesmic Human Becoming.  cknowledging his choice to use his talents for empowering an economy built through creativity in Art, Science and Education!
The ACE Holistic team
Artists, Scientists and Educators...

Are in every sense, the embodiment of the words -  Empowerment Pioneers.

  We - are creative collaborators that through choice serve the needs of the many.  We come together from an inner attraction to join a purpose that has been in place on a soul level for a very long time.  We have much to contribute in diverse talents to make our life experience one of beauty, love and empowerment.  We bring to Gaia our individual diverse cosmic cultural heritage and share with others to inspire each other to express their unique gifts.  We are engaged collaborators of peace building efforts through the expression of holistic art, science and education that nourishes our healthy Gaia noosphere.  We come together once a year to offer an awesmic space and time to showcase our growing creativity renaissance. 
-- We are cultivating Whole Bodies in  TREES OF LIFE!

This year we thank Ricardo Gonzales of Finding Your LIfe Path, LLC for assisting our team with working out the details of our new concept of "Empowerment Pioneers" section for Metaphysical and Spiritual services.

Indras Awarehouse - Indras Dance Tribe and Austin Acro Arts

B*Truarts 501(c)3 Non-Profit