Austin, Texas

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Mission of the ACE Holistic team
Artists, Scientists and Educators...

Are in every sense, the embodiment of the words -  Empowerment Pioneers.
  We - are creative collaborators that through choice serve the needs of the many.  We come together from an inner attraction to join a purpose that has been in place on a soul level for a very long time.  We have much to contribute in diverse talents to make our life experience one of beauty, love and empowerment.  We bring our individual diverse cultural heritage and share with others to inspire each other to express their unique gifts.  We are engaged collaborators of peace building efforts through the expression of holistic art, science and education that nourishes our healthy Gaia noosphere.  We come together once a year to offer an awesmic space and time to showcase our growing creativity renaissance. 
-- We are sprouting creative TREES OF LIFE!
What is the mission of our annual Awesmic City Expo?

Awesmic City Expo demonstrates how humanity here on earth is made of "Awesmic Cultures" or "marvelously universal diverse cultures" that are active in creativity through Art, Science and Education.  We collaborate to  transcend cultural barriers that might prevent advancing into a positive beautiful future for all who inhabit the planet.  We promote cultural collaborative co-creating and development as an Awesome and Cosmic Awesmic Cultural benefit!

We promote Austin, Texas, -- Awesmic City Austin Texas --

as a major contributor in birthing a renaissance of di
verse cultural creativity! -- We enjoy empowering humanity to participate in peace building and having interaction with each other through the peaceful and prosperous abundant creative!