Coming up 5th Annual!

           Austin, Texas

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Lake Austin, Texas
Photography (c) Copyright 2014 - by Phillip Abbott
Thank you Denise Velazquez of Mexico City for this fantastic photo captured during her visit.  It was exciting to share the day and take time to tour Awesmic City!

Awesmic City Austin Texas Day!
Our 4th
December 17, 2017
last year - October 16, 2016

"You Can Be There (in the Cosmos) and Here (Austin, Texas) When You Are In Awesmic City!"
Be (T)Here Awesmic City!

About Awesmic City Austin Texas DAY!

In the year 2012, began the approved slogan for Austin, Texas which advanced the people in Austin, Texas to the level of AWESMIC.  Magnificently Universal going beyond multicultural and diverse.
  Last year, October 16, 2016 we celebrated our 6th Awesmic City Austin Day and this year we celebrate our 7th December 17, 2017 and 4th annual Awesmic City Expo festival!  We  come together at the beautiful Palmer Events center, demonstrating in Exhibit Hall 2, how Austin, Texas supports prospering through creativity and accepts all cultures, all styles and engages in the conscious efforts of peace building through creativity with art, science and education.  We have exciting showcase for performance arts with our PEACE WAVE on stage talent, innovative exhibitors, meaningful speaker series, peace meditations and promotions for holistic health of our environment and whole body!
  Be with us for two days of discovery about how exciting cultivating our cosmic culture can be as we collaborate in the only way Awesmic City is known to...beyond the norm CREATIVELY!